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The services listed below are a combination of eastern and western modalities that come part and parcel with a visit to one of our licensed professionals. The list below parses out each service to give you a better idea of the offerings that can take place in your sessions. Please know that the combination of services provided to you in a treatment can vary greatly depending on your needs and preferences. Your preferences are always given a priority.

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For thousands of years, acupuncture was the primary form of medical care across the Eastern world. Currently, in the Western world, acupuncture is most commonly used for it’s lightening quick ability to transmit healing information throughout the triple helix structure of the connective tissues. Acupuncture can involve electricity, as in electro-stimulation, or be extremely subtle, as in Japanese and pediatric acupuncture styles.

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Chinese Herbs

Classical Chinese herbal formulas often hundreds and some over a thousand years old, are used to help you heal faster. Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed in many different forms, from pills to granules (that can be adjusted to fit your special needs) from teas to topically applied herbs. Chinese herbal formulas have a synergy and sophistication that them more versatile than the use of single herbs. Chinese herbal formulas are an important component of Chinese medicine.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic principles were first detailed in the Hippocratic School of Medicine in about 400 BC and are based on the belief that when a person is given the right tools for vitality, that the body will thrive and naturally overcome disease. In the state of Oregon, Naturopathic physicians have recently elevated status to have the same prescriptive rights as allopathic medical doctors, though in many instances natural approaches are preferred.

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Nutritional Therapies

Nutritional therapies take front and center in any comprehensive integrative health plan. One of the three foundational pillars of health involves a proper diet, alongside adequate sleep and sufficient activity. Not only limited to suggestions about food, nutritional therapies include special diets, medicinal recipes and functional medicine testing to learn more about the foods that may be right for you.

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Osteopathic Manual Medicine

Osteopathic physicians (DO) are one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare in the nation. Osteopathic medicine is very similar to allopathic medicine but the major difference is that they receive a deeper education in manual and physical medicine in order to make assessments and adjustments to the musculoskeletal system. Chances are one of the time you may have visited a doctor it may well have been an Osteopathic doctor though you may not have even known.

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