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We are an integrative medicine collaborative, and we want to be your neighborhood clinic for holistic healthcare in southeast Portland. We shine in pain management, women’s health, pediatric care and Chinese herbal medicine in the surrounding Division, Sellwood and Ladd’s Addition neighborhoods, to name a few.


Nestled within the historic Ford Building of Southeast Portland, The Wildfire Clinic is a small but mighty holistic health care collaborative. Our independent practitioners provide excellence in full spectrum integrative medicine. 



The Ford Building

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For thousands of years, acupuncture was the primary form of medical care across the Eastern world. Acupuncture treats the system by causing the body to respond to the insertion of small pins placed in your body. This, in turn, causes a healing response to occur. Recent research indicates the connective tissue, or fascia, as the main tissue to transmit the lightning quick healing information transmitted during an acupuncture session. As a result of receiving acupuncture, patients tend to report increased feelings of well-being.

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Chinese Herbs

There are dozens of Classical Chinese herbal formulas hundreds or even over a thousand years old. When a medicine has proven it’s worth for centuries, it sticks around. Chinese herbal medicine can be taken in many different forms from pills to granules (that can be adjusted to fit your constitution) or teas to topical. according to your signs and symptoms, and not according to Western disease diagnosis. There is a synergy and sophistication to herbal formulas makes them more versatile than the use of single herbs.



Massage in our clinic can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with acupuncture. Whether your preferences are for a deep tissue massage, like Tuina, a more energetic approach, like Shiatsu, or a Swedish or a Structural Integrative approach, we aim to make your healing process as powerful or as gentle as possible. Massage is one way to more quickly heal your body from acute or chronic pain, accidents, and injury.

Integrative Medicine

All of our board certified practitioners are committed to utilizing evidence-based medicine and are committed to balancing a patient-centered model of care with modern healthcare interventions. We respect all modalities that support the individual, social groups and communities to achieve appropriate therapies. We integrate and communicate with other doctors and specialists to establish a treatment care plan that optimizes your wellness and meets your needs.


Nutritional Therapies

Nutritional therapies take front and center in any comprehensive integrative health plan. One of the three foundational pillars of health involves a proper diet, alongside adequate sleep and activity. Not only limited to suggestions about food, this can also include special diets, medicinal recipes and functional medicine testing to learn more about the foods that may be right for you. Sometimes you might just need someone to focus on what to eat. We can do that, too.


Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic physicians (DO) are one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare in the nation. Osteopathic medicine is very similar to allopathic medicine but the major difference is that they receive a deeper education in manual and physical medicine in order to make assessments and adjustments to the musculoskeletal system. Chances are one of the time you may have visited a doctor it may well have been an Osteopathic doctor though you may not have even known.

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Pediatric Wellness

Pediatric care in our clinic is comprehensive for many of the childhood ailments that occur from infancy clear in to young adult ages. Newborns rarely require anything as dramatic as acupuncture, however, children just several weeks of age do indeed receive acupuncture with screaming success (pun intended). We will default to patient and parental preferences combined with professional judgement, but often non-needling of methods Qi manipulation methods such as Tuina and Shonishin are used to enhance children’s health.


Supplement Therapies

Over the counter supplements like vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other blends including common Western herbs can help you take a shortcut to your optimal health. When it comes to knowing which supplements are ideal for you the standards usually involves a bit of trial and error. For our patients who would like more support, referrals for testing can be made to find out what might be best for your body. Always, we strive to provide you top of the line products at our lowest cost possible.


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