norah purdy, lady standing with smile in front of green plants with heart necklace

Norah Purdy



  • Massage

  • Structural-based

  • Myofascial

  • Deep Tissue

  • Shiatsu

  • Swedish Relaxation


Phone: (541) 699 - 1838


I am thrilled to join the Wildfire Clinic team. A resident of Portland for almost 10 years, I originally hail from Milwaukee, WI. I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, traveling, and spending time with my family and our big sweet Newfoundland. Bringing my honest, dedicated Midwestern work ethic, I am passionate in helping all people learn to improve their lives with a focus on self-care. I weave Structural-based, Myofascial and other Deep Tissue techniques with elements of Shiatsu and Swedish Relaxation for a unique, holistic treatment. Each session is tailored to a client’s specific needs; whether it be chronic pain, tension, pre- and post-op, improving posture, pregnancy, postpartum, or simply managing daily stress, I am here to listen and am grateful to be a part of your path to wellness! 

Now accepting Regence, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance as an in-network provider.


60 min massage        $85

75 min massage         $95 

90 min massage        $115